Houseboat Kerala for the Unique Experience of Kettuvallams

houseboat kerala

Houseboat Kerala | Image Resource :

For people who do not know- the Kettuvallams are Keralan boats some of which are almost 100 years old. Made from not even a single piece of nail, it is 100 percent organic and the construction of the Kettuvallam is through coir knots. Planks of wood are put together and then treated with a black resin made out of cashew kernels; the Kettuvallam uses coir and bamboo to create rest rooms and closed enclosures like rooms and kitchens in the boat. It has been used since centuries for the transport of goods from Kottanad to the Kochi Fort and back but ever since the motorized vehicle took their place, this ancient mode of transportation was going to fade in oblivion when it got a new lease in life by being converted into House boat Kerala.

kettuvallams luxary dininig

Kettuvallams Luxary Dininig | Image Resource :

Now the Kettuvallams is known to everyone as the splendid house boats that the native people run and are like floating hotels which provides accommodations and restaurant facilities to its guests while being on the move. I had mine pre-booked for my family and guests. It is an experience which you may not have experienced anywhere else. The serenity and the peace of the river engulf you and treat your senses to a feeling close to divinity. The soft breeze that blows in the Vembanad caresses you and coerces you to delve deeper into your soul to calm you. The whole scene is ethereal and breathtaking.


Kettuvallams | Image Resouce :

The Houseboat Kerala is a haven for the non-vegetarians. The owners of the house boat display such hospitality that is truly touching. For the non-vegetarians, they cook food in the boat’s kitchen with the fresh local produce. The food they say is laced with the local flavor and authenticity. The stay in the houseboats is nothing like what one feels in the hotels. For some reason, it was felt as though we were closer to nature and the surrounding of the hotel seemed very artificial. It was time to experience more of the Kerala backwaters and our journey had just begun. Kerala continued to wow us with its jewels while we were discovering it.


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