Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary Kerala – The Day Trip to Kuttanad Region

This had to be fast. The distance to Kuttanad region from Trivandrum is a total of 3 hours and we had to get going to make the journey to reach the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala in the Kottayam district. Spread in the expanse of 14 acres, the Sanctuary has been the favorite place for locals and tourists to sight the migratory birds, which flocked here. We scooted to the breakfast spread to have a hearty meal before we began our journey. Although, it could have been nice if we would have reached the Sanctuary early in the morning but since that was not possible, we settled for the late departure. Sitting pretty along the eastern side of the Vembanad Lake, the place had come recommended from all quarters.

kumarakom bird sanctuary, kerala

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala | Image Resource : paradise-kerala.com/blog/all-about-kerala-travel/bird-sanctuaries-of-kerala/

The Sanctuary has been possible because of the efforts of the Bakers. Its earliest contributor was Alfred George Baker who had developed the land as a rubber plantation. Interestingly, the land on which the Sanctuary is located is a part of the wetlands of the Vembanad. The existence of the place dates back to the 1840s when among the 500 acres of the wetlands, the Bird Sanctuary was setup. The task of converting the rubber plantation into an attractive Bird Sanctuary was left with Henry Baker, who made all possible effort to make the Sanctuary close to what it is now. Owing to the efforts of the Bakers, the property was erstwhile known as the Baker’s Estate. Once we reached the premise it was late yet we were able to catch sightings of the Siberian Crane, one of the most well-known birds in the park. It is quite unbelievable to digest that the birds here have come all the way from the Himalayas and Siberia.

squirell in kumarakom bird sanctuary, kerala

Squirell in Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala | Image Resource : reisefieber.de/

wildlife kumarakom bird sanctuary, kerala

Wildlife Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala | Image Resource : reisefieber.de/erlebnisreisen/

It helped to be well informed about the places we were travelling. We were carrying our own food with us to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala. There are options to non-vegetarian fare in the area but since we were all vegetarian, it was best that we had our lunches with us. Since we were in the Kottayam district, it made sense to stay in the houseboat, Kerala to enjoy the complete experience of the place.


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