Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada – A Mini Zoo and an Exciting Fun Point

Photography has always attracted me and for the same reason I am always attracted towards natural environment and places comprising of natural resources. My stay at Vijayawada so far had been awe inspiring. As it was the seventh day of my stay in Vijayawada, I wanted to discover the natural place around the city. Moreover my children are also fond of zoo and natural fauna, so I decided to take them for a trip to the Rajiv Gandhi Park. The park is located at the entrance of the city and a much delightful place to begin with. Perhaps I was quite late to venture this part of Vijayawada, but nonetheless it was better late than never.

rajiv gandhi park, vijayawada

Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada | Image Resource : panoramio.com/photo/53640737

We reached at the Rajiv Gandhi Park in the day time. The park had just opened for the visitors. It usually opens at around 7:30 am in the morning and remains opened till 8:15 pm in the evening, except on Mondays which is a holiday for the park. There are several parts of the park dedicated to a variety of features. There is an educative park within it which represents replicas of ancient and extinct animals like dinosaurs and other pre historic animals. I felt it was the best place for my children till now as they might not enjoyed it very well in the temples and museums.

wooden bridge in Rajiv gandhi park

Wooden Bridge in Rajiv Gandhi Park | Image Resource : panoramio.com/photo/53640737

The park is adorned beautifully and planted with several ornamental plants. Being home to a number of trees and different flora, the park accumulates large numbers of dwellers all through the day. It is a very beautiful place for casual strolling and time pass. Along with all those, the hint of educational features makes it more alluring.

gaerden view rajiv gandhi park, vijayawada

Gaerden View Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada | Image Resource : onefivenine.com/india/Travel/Place/Kakinada

The most striking feature of the park is the musical fountain where the water sprinkles out of the fountain in rhythm with the tunes of the music. Colorful water playfully splash through the entire place providing a kaleidoscopic view to the eyes of the beholders. The place becomes much more attractive after the sun set when you can enjoy for long hours just sitting and watching the splashes of water. The manicured lawns are so well-maintained that would literally fall in love with it. My stay in the park was truly awesome and we all enjoyed it to the core of our content.


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