Sri Sanjeevani Yoga & Prakurthi Chikitsalaya, Vijaywada – A Traditional Yoga Peeth

It was the sixth day of my stay in Vijayawada and till now I had been enjoying my stay there. Vijayawada is a place full of excitement, fun, frolic, adventure, spirituality, joy and good food. I was thoroughly enjoying my stay in the city gorging local cuisines and tasting the authentic taste of the South India. I always had a keen interest in naturopathy. I decided to make a visit to the Sri Sanjeevani Yoga & Prakurthi Chikitsalaya which is one the most famous places of the city.

Sri Sanjeevani Yoga & Prakurthi Chikitsalaya is one such place at Vijayawada which is quite famous for providing yoga training and treatment tips of diseases through natural regimens. The place is itself situated in a green environment which is surrounded with lush vegetation that brings about an enthralling feeling. Now the yoga center is not just limited to providing basic yoga to people but it is also one of the most famous places and healing centers in South India which guarantees relief from several ailments.

prakurthi chikitsalaya, vijaywada

Prakurthi Chikitsalaya, Vijaywada | Image Resource :

One can even stay in the lavish cottages found near the Sri Sanjeevani Yoga & Prakurthi Chikitsalaya that belongs to the same. Several therapies provided to the peoplethrough natural care revitalize and rejuvenate the body and bring about a new charm all over. The natural immune system present in the body is invoked and one is trained how to get benefitted from everything naturally.

Our body is formed out of five natural powers mostly, Air, Water, Fire, Fire and Ether and these basic constituents of the body are rejuvenated so that anew vitalization is developed from within. Treatment mechanisms like Jal Chikithsa, Akasha Chikithsa, Pruthvi Chikithsa, Agni Chikithsa are provided here which essentially mean the five constituents of the human body. In the water therapy, neem bath, sauna bath, water massage, plantain leaf baths are provided so that the body gets reenergized.  In the pruthvi chikithsa also, mud is spread all over the body which is considered to be one of the best natural detoxifier and scrubber for the external body.


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