Amravati, Vijayawada – A Place Far Off from the City

After spending few of the most splendid days at Vijayawada, I was fully content to the core of my heart. But as they say the show must go on, I decided to venture into new parts near the city. It was the fifth day of my stay at Vijayawada and I decided to move to Amravati with my family. I hired a taxi which drove us to Amravati which is located near the River Krishna in the Guntur District.

Amravati is located at a distance of 65 kilometers from the city of Vijayawada. The distance was not much far and we could complete it in just 1.5 hours. There are several means of transport and one can reach the place via train, bus. As I was already staying in Vijayawada I had hired a taxi which drove us there and brought us back in the same day.

Amaravati Shiva Temple Vijaywada

Amaravati Shiva Temple Vijaywada | Image Resource :

Amaravati Stupa Vijaywada

Amaravati Stupa Vijaywada | Image Resource :

At Amravati there is a famous temple of Lord Shiva which is visited by large mass of visitors daily. The place is also known as Dharanikota as there is a Buddhist Stupa found here which was built by the emperor Ashoka during 200 BC. As the place is located beside the Krishna and Godavari River, it attracts large crowd. The alluring weather and picture perfect nature with its bountiful resources is calling and attracts every one irrespective of caste and religion.

Amaravati Stupa Relief At Museum

Amaravati Stupa Relief At Museum | Image Resource :

The major attraction of Amravati is the Mahachaitya Stupa which consists of the relics of the emperor Ashoka. This stupa has a platform which is about 95 feet high and has a circular vedika. Being constructed entirely with bricks, the stupa is one of its kinds. Also one can find a Hindu temple here at Amravati which is dedicated to the deity Amreswara. The lingam which is found here of Lord Shiva attracts massive tourist appeal. People from all over the world and majorly from South India come here to pay their homage.

Amaravati Garden Vijaywada

Amaravati Garden Vijaywada | Image Resource :

As we traveled through the roads of lush green bushes and thick forests, we could enjoy the fresh air that kept gushing through the windows of the cab. People who had opted for train journey also enjoyed the enigmatic surrounding.


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