Hinkar Thirtha, Vijaywada – A Pilgrimage to Find Solace

Being a Gujarati from heart, I am always inclined towards spirituality. As this time I was traveling to Andhra Pradesh, I was really excited to visit loads of religious places here. As my wife and kids were accompanying me in the journey, I was trying to gift them every possible comfort during the journey. As it was the first day of my stay in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh I decided to visit the famous Hinkar Thirtha temple which is known to be a popular Jain temple in the South India. The forgone rich past of Jainism in the ancient India is revitalized through the architectural styles and phenomenal art forms that are found on the body of the temple.

Hinkar Thirtha Vijaywada

Hinkar Thirtha Vijaywada | Image Resource : travel.ithappensinindia.com

When I had decided to take up the journey for a visit to Vijayawada, I had already planned to make a lot of trips to learn more about the architectural richness of India and the Hinkar Thirtha place is a place worth visiting.

The temple is located in the Mangalagiri Hills of Krishna District in Vijayawada. As the temple is found atop a hill, the cool breeze sets in during the evening time providing a pleasant ambience in the entire atmosphere. It is located at an approximate distance of 18-20 kilometers from the city of Vijayawada and it was not very difficult for us to locate the temple and reach there. I hired a cab from the hotel itself which drove us straight to the temple complex.

Mangalagiri Hills

Mangalagiri Hills | Image Resource : indiantravels.com

The Hinkar Thirtha Jain temple is not just famous in the South India, rather tourists from all over the world gather here to worship the Almighty. The spellbound architecture of the magnificent temple makes everyone attracted towards it. Apart from the motive of devotion and pure worship of the God, people also come here to seek solace and peace of mind.

We could notice number of shelters within the temple complex. Upon a little more interrogation, we got to know that those were the shelters for devotees. Many a times people come here in search of happiness and peace of mind, and they find shelter in the complex. The green environment also provides a serene ambience for each and everyone to obtain tranquility.



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