Air Travel by Jet Konnect from Ahmedabad to Vijayawada – My Journey Experience

Being an avid lover for journeys and visiting new places, I decided to pack my bags for a trip to down south to Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. But this time I did not want to travel alone, so I offered my wife and kids to join me. I booked tickets for my journey to Vijayawada through the Jet Konnect Airlines. Being a simple man I do not live an aristocratic life, however I make sure that I always travel with comfort. Keeping this in mind I booked four tickets in the Jet Konnect in the business class choosing my origin as Ahmedabad and destination as Vijayawada.

Jet Airways

Jet Airways | Image Resource :

Jet Konnect is one of the finest air carriers of the Indian aviation industry which is also responsible for carrying several passengers internationally. Across the country there are about 55 destinations to which it covers. The Economy class in the Jet Konnect flights have a no frill service which means the passengers are not provided with any additional benefits other than flying and baggage. For food, one has to buy them by looking into the Menu card. This was the reason why I booked my seats in business class so that we could enjoy the journey as well enjoy scrumptious dishes while flying.

The Business Class cabins of the flight have comfortable seats that ensure a refreshing journey. There is large leg spread area and audio-video units installed behind every seat so that a passenger could enjoy the time in the flight. There were frequent offering of food and beverages throughout the journey.

There are several Frequent Flyer’s program offered by Jet Konnect Airlines which is provided to the passenger upon attaining certain miles in traveling. The different classes vary from Platinum to Gold and Silver. While Silver is the lowest program given to members, Platinum is the highest one. As I was an elite member of the business class flights to different places in Jet Konnect, I had my own Gold car membership. As I had Gold card I had the option to carry 15 kg more baggage with me, which is usually 15 kg for normal travelers.

We landed at Vijayawada after a refreshing journey and went to the hotel.

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