Patalpani Waterfall-Indore – A perfect Family Picnic Spot

After my visit to Lal Bagh Palace, the next stop was Patalpani Waterfall. It was at a distance of approximately 29 kilometres from the palace. On the way, I stopped at a good restaurant, had lunch and was again on my way to the waterfall.

I was at the venue at quarter past one and as soon as I reached there, I knew that this was a place, where I should come with my family. It is the best location for a picnic and an outing with family. The water here falls from a height of almost 150 feet and accumulates below. The place where the water accumulates is the Kund.

Patalpani Waterfall Indore

Patalpani Waterfall Indore | Image Resource :

It is referred as “patal” (which means hell), in the local language. They say that there is no idea as to the depth of the Kund and therefore, it derives its local name from that theory. However, the “Kund” holds a sacred value to the local people. The waterfall, surrounded by the natural beauty of sky, earth and the trees is a good relaxation for the mind.

It is not advisable to go anywhere near the waterfalls as the stones are slippery, therefore, with caution; I stood at a safe place and watched the beauty of the waterfalls. I could see several people enjoying the scenic beauty and I clicked away numerous pictures of the waterfall and the surroundings.

I could see several birds, some were migratory, I guessed. The only animal that I could see there in plenty were the monkeys. Whenever they saw food, they swooped down from the rocks/trees or came running from their hidden spots and grabbed it.

I learnt that trekkers often came here for a good trekking experience. It would be a good adventure for trekkers to walk all the way to the waterfall spot and go around exploring the place on foot.

As I walked around, I found that there was one lone shop that served tea, coffee and eatables; like bajji and samosas. I spent about two hours at the place and by the time it was 4PM, I was in the cab going back to the hotel.


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