Radisson Blu Hotel, Indore – A Home Away From Home

It was about 20 minutes drive from Indore Junction to Radisson Blu Hotel Indore. While driving to the hotel, I could not help but look at the beauty of the city. This early in the morning, with no much traffic, the city looked peaceful and quiet.

I reached the hotel in no time and as with the other Radisson hotels, this one too was an inviting sight. The lobby was well lit, aesthetically done, and spacious and the smiling face of the staff at the reception was welcoming. I gave the details of the room that I had booked online and a porter immediately collected my luggage and directed me towards my room.

Radisson Blu Hotel Indore Superior Room

Radisson Blu Hotel Indore Superior Room | Image Resource : iiti.ac.in/WW2012/accomodation.htm

Having booked a superior room for myself, I entered into a huge room with a king-size bed, wardrobe, an armchair and an ottoman. My eyes fell on a work desk and I was happy because I knew I would have to do my office work at the end of the day each day.

Accommoadations Radisson Blu Hotel Indore

Accommoadations Radisson Blu Hotel Indore | Image Resource : radissonblu.com

After tipping the porter, I first called home and spoke with my family. Having confirmed with each other that things were fine, I called the room service for tea and the morning paper, which I, as a guest, can enjoy as a part of the service. As with all the Radisson hotels that I stayed, here too, the hotel provided me with bottles of complimentary packaged mineral drinking water.

Having had my tea, I showered in the spacious three-fixture bathroom. The bathrobes were clean. I set the temperature of the room to my convenience, got ready and sat down to plan the day. I mailed my clients and checked out the places that I could visit on that day. The internet service was excellent and while I awaited responses from the clients, I went down to the restaurant to have breakfast.

Veg Sandwich And Juice

Veg Sandwich And Juice | Image Resource : findmeabreak.me

I normally do not call for room service. While waiting for my breakfast to arrive, I made a mental note to use the hotel’s pool one day. Oh! How relaxing that would be! My breakfast of double grilled veg sandwich and juice arrived. By the time I finished my breakfast and went back to the room, it was 9AM Tuesday morning. I knew that the next few days’ stay at Radisson Blue hotel, Indore would be pleasant.


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