Rajwada Indore – A Fascinating Place Blended With Maratha and French Architecture

After my visit to Chhatris, I decided upon Rajwada palace as my next destination. Without wasting time, I was at the Holkar Palace (another name for Rajwada) palace by 5.30PM and upon reaching, I saw that there were several shops and stalls put up outside the palace. The place was crowded and there were many tourists around.

After purchasing a ticket for Rs. 10/-, I went about exploring the place. Reading the travel brochures that I had, I learnt that the palace, built in 1747 A.D. had seven storeys and the founder of this palace was Malhar Rao Holkar.

I read about how the palace had burnt down three times and the upper four floors, made of wood, were the ones that bore the brunt of the fire. In 2006, the palace underwent an extensive renovation. However, when I stood in front of the Holkar Palace, all that I felt was fascination. The structure was awesome with a mix of Mughal, Maratha and French architecture blended together.

The First three floors of the palace are made of brick and I had to enter it through a door, made of wood and studded with iron rods. It reminded me of the olden days Maharaja movies, which had such lofty doors. As soon as I entered the doorway, I was in a courtyard, which had numerous galleries.

Rajwada Indore

Rajwada Indore | Image Resource : flickr.com/photos/vimintel/7498129154

The same courtyard also has a huge hall, the Ganesha Hall, and it is now a common arena for music concerts and exhibitions. Being a photo maniac, I clicked away several snaps of the place. The rear part of the palace has a very beautiful garden. I was awe-struck by the man-made waterfalls and the fountains that adorned the garden.

At this palace, I actually got the feel of royalty. I got a taste of the royals’ way of life. I wandered around the place and shortly after 8PM, crossed over to Sarapha Bazaar where the famous Food Street came to life! The food bazaar, I learnt is open till 1 AM.

I tasted several foods here, from starters, sweets to rotis and curries! I tasted the panipuri and rabdi and the taste was nothing like I had before! Exhausted but stomach completely filled, I returned to the hotel around 11PM.


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