Chhatris Indore – An interesting Monument to Visit

I was completely busy, the entire Wednesday morning and my work lasted until 2.30 PM. I had booked a cab for the full day. After my meetings with the client, I had my lunch and decided to visit Krishnapura Chhatris. I reached the Chhatris at 3.45PM. The gate opened only at four in the evening and there was no entry fee.

Krishnapura Chhatris Indore

Krishnapura Chhatris Indore | Image Resource :

When I reached the place, I was thankful that I did come here. Chhatris or canopies, constructed in the memories of Holkar rulers and other Holkar royalties, stand elegantly on the banks of the Khan River. Just by looking at the structure, I could make out that the designs were very intricate. The domes and spires were very “Maratha” in nature.

Chhatris Indore

Chhatris Indore | Image Resource :

The carvings on each of the canopies were beautiful and the Maratha motifs on the walls and pillars of these Chhatris were very interesting. It made me feel good to know about our rulers, their culture and the exquisite taste that they had for art and architecture.

I stood near the Cenotaph of Maharani Krishnabai. The inscription said that she was the ruler of Malwa, and after her death, they buried the ashes here. I had read about Shivaji Rao and found a chaatri dedicated to this ruler. Nearby to this chhatri was another one, dedicated to Tukoji Rao, father of Shivaji Rao.

There were several other cenotaphs that I could see and went to each of them and studied the designs and motifs on it. Thankful that I remembered to carry my camera, I clicked away several pictures and even requested some passers-by to take my picture posing at these chhatris.

A prayer hall linked these chhatris. The pillars and arches of this prayer hall had delicately carved motifs. What intricate designs, and what patience one must need to carve something as beautiful and delicate as these! The hall contains life-sized statues of rulers set on high platforms.

I set my direction to Chhatri Bagh, a garden with beautiful fountains. Here, I found another Chhatri built in the memory of Bolia Sahib. The artificial lake created along the stretch of the Khan River offers a scenic view of the place with a boating facility. By five in the evening, I finished exploring the place and decided to visit Rajwada.


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