Indore Museum – A Collection of the Medieval Period Artefacts

Once in the room, I learnt that both my clients were not free until 3PM. Since I had nothing else to do the entire day, I decided to visit the Indore Museum. Accordingly, I called up the reception and requested them to arrange a cab for me. I changed into casuals and by 10.00 AM, I was on my way to the Museum.

It was a 15-minute drive and I knew that the museum would open at 10AM. I was the one of the first persons to arrive there. I took the tickets and went inside. The Central Museum, the other name of the museum, has several exhibits that dated back to 4000B.C.

As I walked from one gallery of the museum to the other, the showcased artefacts and the antique tools fascinated me. I have only read about Mohenjodaro and Harappa during my school days and in some travel magazines later on. Here, in the museum, I saw several objects on display that belonged to the Indus Valley Civilization. There were coins, terracotta, ornaments, sculptures and paintings. I felt that I was back in the old era!

Flint Lock Gun At Indore Museum

Flint Lock Gun At Indore Museum | Image Resource :

The weapons of these civilizations included items like quartz sickles, stone weapons and armours! It was a great insight to read about the various objects on display and its uses. On one side of the gallery, I saw a Parmar sculpture. The intricate carvings, the delicate details given to each loop and curve and its ornaments in stones were a beautiful sight!

Apart from these, I saw several statues of gods and goddesses. The one statue that caught my attention was that of Shiva and Parvati sitting on the Nandi. I learnt that this particular statue belonged to one of the temples at Hinglajgarh.

Lord Ganesha Statue At Indore Museum

Lord Ganesha Statue At Indore Museum | Image Resource :

Another fascinating statue, which brings credit to the temple, is that of lord Ganesha. As per records, this statue is the worlds’ biggest with a height of 8 metres in total and made up of metals like gold, silver, brass and copper. Once I finished exploring the interiors, I walked outside to the garden and saw a breath-taking sculpture of Lord Buddha!

Buddha Sculpture At Indore Museum

Buddha Sculpture At Indore Museum | Image Resource :

The visit to the Central Museum was a perfect tour to learn about the culture of the medieval period. As per the inscriptions, Hindus and Jains were the main inhabitants during that time. Between 1.30 and 2.00 in the noon, I was back at the hotel and got ready to meet my clients.


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