Chokhi Dhani – Indore – A Perfect Place for Enjoyment

Friday was a complete busy day and I did not get time off. I had planned to meet some my friends, who lived in Indore, on Saturday. As such, we planned up to have a get-together in Chokhi Dhani. It is a place, which has a resort, a village (that comes alive with music, dance and other live performances), and an amusement park.

There were three of us and we reached the venue at 11.30AM. We did not want to spend the night there. However, I requested at the reception that I would like to see the cottages and he kindly obliged. Calling a porter, he requested us to follow him.  There were several cottages and huts, ranging from luxury ones to suites. As we went into one of the cottages, I could see that it was a blend of both the traditional and modern amenities.

The cottage was actually a hut. The interior decors showed the Rajasthani culture- with colourful Rajasthani bedsheets, cushions, paintings on the walls and even the dressing table had an aesthetic Rajasthani touch. Famished, we first decided to have our lunch. With the unanimous vote of Sanjha Chulha, we dined at this restaurant and enjoyed a hearty meal of North Indian dishes.

Around 3PM, we went to the fun city. I made a mental note to bring my family here very soon. There were several fun things to do here starting from water parks to other dry rides. We went go-Karting and took a boat-ride too! Later, we decided to spend some time at the beach and enjoy the serene beauty of the place.

Chokhi Dhani Indore

Chokhi Dhani Indore | Image Resource :

During dusk, we went to the Chokhi Dhani Village. The concept behind this village is to enlighten the people about the Rajasthani culture, its art and architecture and the loving nature of these people. Here, I saw the people displaying the designs of the traditional huts. The resort authorities call people from the adjoining villages to give live performances of their traditional dance and music. We saw some of the tourists join the dancers and trying out some of the traditional steps.

Chokhi Dhani Restuarant Indore

Chokhi Dhani Restuarant Indore | Image Resource :

There are also displays of many artefacts. I did buy some of them as a memoir. We dined again and by 11PM, returned to our respective places of stay. Oh! What a day and what an ending to a great journey of Indore.


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