First Class Travel by GNC Indore Express – Luxury beyond Your Imagination

Hello Friends, I am back after my journey to Indore last week. It was a journey to remember and I would like to describe the places that I visited, and take you on a journey of Indore, through my eyes! As per plan, I reserved my tickets with GNC Indore Express (train no.19309) for travel on Monday.

GNC Indore Express

GNC Indore Express | Image Resource :

The starting point of the train is Gandhinagar and it reaches Ahmedabad Junction at 7.25 PM, with a 20-minute halt there. I had booked my First Class AC coach tickets online and had the confirmation of the ticket on my Blackberry. As per the rules, I had also carried my original photo identity proof, as I always do.

I reached the station at 6.45 PM and awaited the arrival of the train. ADI station is huge and it is the second busiest station in Gujarat. I could see people everywhere – on the platforms, at the eateries inside the platform and in the waiting rooms. The train arrived at the station at 7.30 PM, five minutes late. I got into the First Class coach, found my seat and settled down.

Travelling in the I-AC coach was almost similar to travelling on flight, the only difference being the hours that it takes to reach the destination. However, the time did not matter to me as I could get a good sleep in the plush cubicle with cosy seats. I preferred to order food on the train rather than carrying it myself. The food was to arrive at 8.30 PM and I had an hour to spend before I could have my supper and sleep. The train started moving at 7.50 PM.

I had downloaded the timetable of the train on my phone and going through it, I learnt that Indore was the last station and the train would reach the destination at 6.30 AM. The sooner it reached, the better it would be for me to plan the day. The total time from ADI Junction to Indore Junction is approximately 11 hours.

After supper, I went into a deep sleep and woke up the next day at 6 AM. GNC Indore Express reached the destination station at 6.45 AM. When I exited the station, I found my cab, which I booked online, waiting to take me to the Radisson Blu Hotel.

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