Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai – An Artist’s Haven

This day I had specifically planned for my wife as she was very interested in art. Back in Ahmedabad there were not enough art exhibitions or galleries around our place that she could pursue her hobby to her heart’s content, but while we were here, I made sure that we visit the Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai. Actually, even the kids did not mind going to the gallery for Sangeeta’s interest in art was shared by my son too and Alpa, herself was quite good in water colors. The kids were already up and we got ready and after a quick breakfast in the hotel, we were ready for our next sightseeing trip.

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai | Image Resource :

It was to take about 20-25 minutes to the gallery and we rode expectantly to the place. The place was near Kala Ghoda in southern part of Mumbai supposedly near the Museum of Prince Wales. The place greeted us with white exteriors and with an elite air around it. On the outside, there was an Art Plaza Gallery, which had several canvases up for display. A number of people were assembled there to take a look at the artist’s work. We also moved towards the Gallery and looked at the canvases to admire the work of the artist. The Art Gallery inside included both an auditorium and the gallery within its premise and eminent works of famous artists were up for display in its Terrace Art Gallery, which had mostly to do with photography and visual arts.

A Vibrant Painting Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai

A Vibrant Painting Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai | Image Resource :

For my wife, this was quite a treat. She, in mute excitement, moved from canvas to canvas appreciating the artworks while I tailed with her trying to understand them. The kids however were nowhere in sight but I had my instructions clear, that Rahul would not let go of her sister’s hand. There were four exhibition halls in Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai and I moved around patiently with my wife while she probably was having the time of her life. Once we finished with all the halls, we assembled near the entrance and called for our vehicle to go to the Juhu Beach, Mumbai.


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