Nehru Science Centre Mumbai – An Educational Centre for All Ages

We got into the car for the second part of our journey to the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai. I had visited this place earlier as well as a part of a science symposium with my college friends many years ago. Little I knew then that I would be back in this place at a much later date with my kids. It was heartwarming to see that the kids were having a good time and I was also able to give quality time to my wife. Being a financial advisor to a top company always needed long hours and back at home it seemed impossible to take such breaks to enjoy such outdoor activities with my family. But the car journeys always left me a little cranky. Sangeeta seemed to sense it and at most times she would look after the kids when I would be a little impatient with them. The children though carried their music and PSP with them and took them out instantly as we were seated.

Nehru Science Center Mumbai

Nehru Science Center Mumbai | Image Resource :

Entrance Of Nehru Science Center Mumbai

Entrance Of Nehru Science Center Mumbai | Image Resource :

It did take a little more than usual time to reach the Centre. The building was quite as I remembered it, rather unique in architecture and we took our entry tickets to enter. The centre had various permanent scientific exhibits on various themes in its premises to pique the rational minds of today’s generation. The exhibition gallery and the photo gallery were all very engaging as I moved from one exhibit to the other explaining them to the kids. In the centre, there were a vast number of other kids, some a part of large groups and some in school uniforms clearly indicating that they had come there as a part of a school excursion.

The bulletin board informed us of the various activities that took place there. The place was a hub for educational and creative activities like The National Science Drama Festival, the Astronomy Olympiad Program and various Inter-School Science Quiz Contests. It was very rewarding to have kids visit the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai and our next stop for the next day was the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai which would also be very interesting for the kids.


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