Walkeshwar Mumbai for the Rich and Famous

I woke up a little later than usual. The trip’s relaxed tone seemed to have affected me deeply but it was good for me. I knew it because for a long time I was having only work and no fun for a change. Without wasting any more time I woke the rest of the group and had them get ready one after the other. We had a big day planned ahead of us. We were going to see the Walkeshwar,  Mumbai and I was looking forward to it.

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The view in this suburban area was breathtaking. The numerous gulmohar trees lining the pathways looked beautiful. This place in Mumbai is also home to the very rich as property in this part of Mumbai were supposed to be extremely expensive. Some of the bungalows that I laid eyes on were truly splendid and all sea facing. Walkeshwar, on the other hand, derived its name from Lord Shiva and this area was very popular because of the Walkeshwar temple. It is regarded that the lingam of Lord Shiva was made by Lord Rama himself while he halted here before leaving for a battle with Ravana to rescue his wife. And when he was thirsty, he shot an arrow to bring the Ganges here. Hence, the temple here had an attached Banganga Tank. Well, the temple and the tank were constructed by a Gaud Saraswat Brahmin and much of the temple premise belonged to the Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Temple Trust now. There were numerous other temples here and other dharamsalas too. Though the temple proper was destroyed by the Portuguese and what remained now were the ruins, but the ruins were being preserved and reconstructed carefully by the Trust.

Night View Of The Marine Drive

Night View Of The Marine Drive | Image Resource : wallpaperpassion.com/download-wallpaper/41253/marine-drive-wallpaper.html

We were now hungry and I suggested we lunched. The driver took us to an outlet called Spices and Flavors and we took seats in the terrace section of the place. The view of the Marine Drive from there was amazing and for once we as a family chatted away about little things in life. The food served was also quite delicious and I informed them that after visiting Walkeshwar Mumbai, we would leave for Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai and the kids would love it for sure.


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