A Relaxed Stay at Kohinoor Park Hotel Mumbai – Good Choice

The train was thankfully on time for I had had a very disturbed night’s sleep on the train’s mattress, which is why I am always in favor of air plane tickets, but surprisingly I could not get hold of them as the trip was very last minute. But prior bookings for stay at Kohinoor Park Hotel Mumbai at least had an appointed driver waiting at the station for us. The man carried a paper with my name written over it and Alpa spotted him first while I haggled with the coolies.

We quickly made way to the vehicle and all seemed in order. I could see my kids looking out of the car window and sizing up the new place. It was important for me to see the approval in my family’s faces for all the decisions that I make and I had actually no time to discuss the accommodation with any of them. The hotel was located in central Dadar and that was a relief because I abhorred unnecessary travelling in cars to hunt for eateries. The moment we reached the hotel, I could see my little girl’s eyes widen in appreciation and I took a pat on my back silently. The ambience of the hotel was certainly very welcoming and I assigned Rahul to take care of the formalities with my credit card while I took a moment to collapse on the lush sofa nearby in the hotel reception area. Prompt check in allowed us to proceed to our designated rooms. I had specifically asked for adjoining rooms for me, my wife and the kids.

Kohinoor Park Hotel Prabhadevi

Kohinoor Park Hotel Prabhadevi | Image Resource : kohinoorhotels.com/prabhadevi.html

Rooms At Kohinoor Park Hotel Mumbai

Rooms At Kohinoor Park Hotel Mumbai | Image Resource : hotelkohinoorcontinental.com

Kohinoor Park Hotel Prabhadevi Mumbai

Kohinoor Park Hotel Prabhadevi Mumbai | Image Resource : hotelkohinoorcontinental.com

We surveyed our respective rooms and everything was visually very appealing. The bell boy had already stationed our luggage in its places and once he left with his tip, we were finally left to ourselves. Alpa shrieked in joy and kept hopping around from one room to the other, while Rahul, the lazy one that he was, lay in the bed. Sangeeta had by now opened 70 % of the luggage and I was seated in the sofa looking at my family and was happy with the stay at Kohinoor Park Hotel Mumbai. We would hit the Aksa beach Dadar, Mumbai once we were all ready.


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