Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai – For Peace in Our Hearts

I made sure that the kids changed their wet clothes wearing the ones that we were carrying and then we made our way to Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai in our car. It took about one and half hour to reach there and the driver said that we could have reached sooner if we had less traffic on the way. My wife and kids had conveniently napped in the car during this time and they were fresh to visit the new place.

The Global Vipassana Pagoda was a meditation hall constructed in the Burmese architectural style. The moment we reached the Pagoda a mysterious sense of peace invaded my heart. This Pagoda is said to have been built out of gratitude towards Lord Buddha. As we entered the premise, there was a large dome in view that was considered as the largest dome made out of stone and has been built to stand there without the support of any other pillars. We moved around and I continued to speak with my children telling them all about Buddha, his life and teachings. The place was inaugurated by the then President of India. It also offered 10-day Vipassana meditation courses, which were availed by many Buddhism followers. The children appeared a little uninterested but I was truly feeling blessed looking around and taking in the vibe of the place. Seldom, I am given such an opportunity when I can feel such serenity and calm in the atmosphere, one that is so infectious that it seeps into my being as well.

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Inwardly, I felt at peace and satisfied when we returned back to our hotel. It had been a long day with the beach and then the Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai so when we reached the hotel, the room and bed appeared very inviting. We rested for some time and let the kids enjoy some television in their room. Around dinner time, we decided to get ready to dine at the hotel’s restaurant. The restaurant’s ambience was lovely and with soft music playing in the background, it was a perfect setting for us to relax and unwind. The following day’s itinerary was talked about as I was taking them to Walkeshwar, Mumbai the next day.


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