Train travel with Family in Gujarat Mail – the First Chapter in My Vacation

Both my children wanted the same window seat. I have always known this that whether it is business or family, there is always room for negotiations to overcome every hurdle, so I got to work. It was difficult but Rahul being the elder had to sacrifice the spot for his sister Alpa. Once the matter was resolved I concentrated on adjusting the luggage for our convenience. It was just a train travel to Dadar by Gujarat Mail, and I had already put my skills as an advisor to good use. Sangeeta, my wife was already settled and for reasons unknown to me, she kept smiling while I fidgeted with every article around. It reminded me of the morning when she had carelessly referred to my age being the reason of my nagging. It can’t be but I was anyway amused.

Gujarat Mail

Gujarat Mail | Image Resource :

The train departed promptly at 10 pm and once we all were comfortable, Sangeeta took out the dinner. As a typical Gujarati, I had made sure that she packed the entire food at home. We were going to eat outside food as such in the following days of the trip. The train was expected to reach Dadar by six in the morning, so breakfast was really not an issue. The kids had their respective gadgets to occupy their time and I was at peace because the headphones ensured I would not be subjected to the blaring noise of rock music or the irritating hum of the gaming device. Yet, it was disappointing that instead of a normal family conversation we were all busy doing our things. It used to be different when I was younger, my brother and I would play games like ludo or cards on such journeys.

I secured the latch of the door to our compartment for the night and prepared to sleep with my alarms set for the following morning. I am 45 now but still that train travel with family to dadar excited me and I looked forward to the trip. We had booked our stay at Kohinoor Park Hotel, Mumbai.


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