My New Year Eve Celebration in Ahmedabad city

After spending a week long holiday in the Garden City, Bangalore we reached back home right in time for my New Year eve celebrations in Ahmedabad city. Family and friends had already been arranged for the New Year bash. There were large music system and shamiana below the building. I went downstairs with my kids to know about the program for the New Year’s Eve. Many children from the building had already registered their names for dance, singing and playing instruments. Besides many family events were also on the list which included interesting games.

Welcome 2014

Welcome 2014 | Image Resource :

Lashy Colored Balloons

Lashy Colored Balloons | Image Resource :

It was decoration time. There were many items that were kept in cartons, which included flashy colored balloons, glitter papers and other hanging decors. The youngsters were full of energy giving out their innovative ideas, cracking jokes and working with zeal. I was watching it all. The building secretary came up to and handed a notebook and a\few vouchers. He asked me note down the expenses on a page so that they could have a tally at the end of the day. I found a seat and began to do my job. All of us were served cold drink and few snacks.

Cold Drinks For Party

Cold Drinks For Party | Image Resource :,

Snacks For Party

Snacks For Party | Image Resource :,,

Within an hour, the whole aura changed and it looked inviting for celebrations. The most interesting thing was it was a theme party where all participants have to wear some shade of blue. We dispersed around 3 pm and all of us were expected to gather for the bash at 7pm. My children were excited and we were all ready for the celebration. By 7:30 pm, almost all families from the building had gathered downstairs. The program began with an inauguration by the secretary and first on the list was the entertainment program by the tiny tots.

Large Chocolate Cake

Large Chocolate Cake | Image Resource :

It was adorable treat for everyone there, then arrived, the rock stars that performed stunningly. Next were few games like musical chair, balloon breaking, find your match and so on.. It was already 11:30pm..Peppy music was on and everyone began to dance in his or her own style. The organizers were arranging a huge New Year cake to be cut very soon. Everyone was enjoying the fun filled moments and ready to welcome the New Year. And soon it was midnight and the clock rang 12 when the huge cake was cut by one little boy and girl who were the youngest in the crowd. Crackers were lit on one side and what an amazing welcome to the New Year!!! Happy New Year to all of you too! My New Year eve celebration in Ahmedabad city was really astonishing.

New Year Celebration

New Year Celebration | Image Resource :


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